Have you found in today’s market place that you can’t seem to get hired by any plumbing contractor, regardless of how much experience you have because you don’t have your journeyman’s’ license?   

Ever thought about starting your own plumbing company, or switching companies and the only thing holding you back is not having your license?

Well, you are not alone. After putting it off for various reasons isn’t it finally time to get your license?

How much money could you be making if only you had your journeyman’s’ license?

Some plumbers feel they can study on their own, well if they had the time or discipline they would already have their license.  Also, how do you know what to study?

Our class is taught by an ex- DC plumbing inspector.  He has been a master plumber for over 15 years. He presently teaches the 4th year apprentices at STTS (Skilled Tradesmen Trade School). 

Our instructor is so knowledgable, that after taking our course, if you don’t pass the journeyman’s test we will give you a full refund. *